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Laboratory Testing

A serious medical condition such as heart disease, prostate cancer or diabetes can exist without noticeable symptoms for up to two years. Early detection is your best defense. A simple blood and/or urine test can increase your chances of reversing potential life-threatening problems and establish a baseline of your normal ranges from which future tests can be monitored. Laboratory testing may be covered by your insurance.


Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES, also known as Cranial Electrical Stimulation and Cranial Electrostimulation) falls under the branch of alternative medicine called Electromedicine, which treats physical and psychological conditions with varying levels of electrical current. (Kirsch, 2006) CES is the application of a very low level alternating electrical current to the brain via clips placed on the ears. It is clinically proven to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. It can be provided in the office or prescribed for in-home use.


TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) – which also falls under the branch of alternative medicine called Electromedicine – is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic. While there is still controversy about its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic pain, a number of systematic reviews have confirmed its effectiveness for postoperative pain, osteoarthritis, and chronic musculoskeletal pain. TENS can be provided in the office or prescribed for home use.


When breathing, heart and brain are in synch, mental clarity and productivity are enhanced. Biofeedback measures these different physiologic signs, including heart rate variability. Many people suffering from a host of disorders benefit from regular use of biofeedback technology, including significant stress reduction by sufferers of ADD/ADHD, anger, anxiety and panic disorders, arrhythmia, asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, hypertension and sleep disorders. Biofeedback can be provided in the office or prescribed for home use.

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