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“ I’ve never done acupuncture before. Thanks to this program, I have begun recovery from all types of defective characteristics of myself. I don’t really know how acupuncture works…. I only trust that it is working gradually in my body and in my soul. One thing I have noticed is that my stress level has gone down tremendously and hope has begun to be restored.”

– J.C, Afghanistan Veteran and Inmate, COVER Project, San Francisco Jail #5


“Through his gentle style , Evan has been able to facilitate a mental and emotional calm and openness to process in depths typically seen only through longer term or pharmaceutically enhanced therapies.”

— Erin O’Shaughnessy, MFT


“I appreciate all that you do on a volunteer basis at the BAYVAC clinic. Acupuncture DOES make a positive difference in my path to wellness.

– D.L., Vietnam Veteran, Bay Area Veteran’s Acupuncture Clinic


“You have a grasp of the big systems picture in the body and how to shift and re-balance them. Your ability to work with persistent chronic difficulties is matchless.”

– Rob Ryan, Director, Center for Health


“Evan’s work has had a profound and positive effect on me and my entire team. We have utilized his group acupuncture with powerful results in focusing and grounding the intention of my company, Samadhi Life, Inc. We continue to benefit from this work, with my team reaching high levels of coherence that have resulted in remarkable productivity and spirited-teamwork.  I recommend Evan Shepherd Reiff for all individuals and organizations who want to excel.”

– Icasiana Barrs, CEO and Founder of Samadhi Life, Inc.

“Although I have had substantial experience with various interdisciplinary approaches to treatment over the past decade, I have never before had the opportunity to consult with a practitioner like Evan who possessed such a profound ability to work effectively with particularly complex cases and entrenched patterns. I am deeply impressed by the quality of treatment that my patients are reporting, and often amazed by the results.
— Erin O’Shaughnessy, MFT

“Evan Shepherd Reiff, L.Ac. is a practitioner with  extensive experience working with people in need as evidenced by the depth of his compassion as well as his NADA Acupuncture skills shown at Homeward Bound, Inc., a dual-diagnosis detoxification/crisis stabilization and treatment facility. His work in our men’s, women’s, and HIV-AIDS units was exemplary.  I strongly recommend Evan for this work as a private Licensed Acupuncturist or at a treatment facility implementing the acu-detox protocol for detoxification, trauma, and recovery from addictions.”

—Dr. Susana E. Méndez, L.Ac, LCDC, Ma.OM, Dipl.OM, CAS, ABMPP, Assistant Executive Director, Homeward Bound Inc., National & International trainer for NADA


“Thank you for your heart and depth and strength. I was profoundly served by you!”
—  David Rubine, The Cornerstones Path for Men

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