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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Now and Forever

To Stop Smoking Now and Forever it is necessary to not only understand both habit and addiction, but to be aware of the signs and symptoms of your discomforts and cravings. And to know what to do to take care of yourself in a healthy and positive way.  Only then can you be truly free; And being truly free …to be completely at choice….is one of the best feelings you can have!

The most simple answer is that people smoke and use tobacco because it feels good. You see, we are genetically programmed to feel good, to seek pleasure and avoid pain. And, tobacco “tricks” us into feeling good. You may have heard that the brain has a “pleasure center” that lets us know when something is enjoyable and reinforces the desire for us to perform the same pleasurable action again and again. It is part of our survival mechanism. A way to connect with nourishment, comfort, and procreation for survival of our species.

The term “pleasure center” originated with experiments by James Olds and Peter Milner in the 1950s probing the limbic systems of rats. They found that the rats quite enjoyed stimulation near the brain stem which is the oldest area of the brain, sometimes called the Reptilian Brain. In fact, the rats enjoyed it so much that they would cross highly electrified floors to reach a switch that stimulated it, and would press that switch thousands of times at the exclusion of all else. Female rats would even abandon their unweaned pups to self-stimulate their pleasure center. That’s powerful!

So what about smoking? It feels good because it stimulates the “pleasure center” of the brain….of YOUR brain!  Its addictive because of the biological mechanisms of how it works and how the brain adjusts to those activities. If you remember from Biology class, the brain is made up of billions of cells called neurons that communicate with each other through connectors called synapses, which are chemical receptors. This means that they send and receive information chemically which also means that communication within our brains is a biochemical process. The biochemicals that are used for communication within our brains are called neurotransmitters.

But there are 2 glitches to this process of feeling good besides the health concerns that we already mentioned: The first is that when the brain continually gets fooled into thinking it has a sufficient supply of its neurotransmitters it slows or stops the natural production. So when you “need that next cigarette” it is a message that you are low in neurotransmitters and that you will start to feel bad if you don’t get some. And if you’ve quit before or gone without for too long you know the withdrawal symptoms of irritability, impatience, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, digestive disorders, increased appetite, and even heart palpitations. If you keep smoking to avoid these symptoms you have ADDICTION. To overcome addiction you will need to know how to replace the empty receptors in a natural and healthy way to avoid the challenges of withdrawal symptoms and, at the same time to support the natural production of neurotransmitters so that you can naturally feel good…now and forever. Neurotransmitter replacement and renewal is such a major part of this program and critical to your success that it is in the very next segment. I know you will want that information!

The second glitch is about the activity of smoking. When we do an activity over and over again it becomes a part of our routine. When you smoked, if you smoked a pack a day, that’s 20 cigarettes and about 2 hours of your day. And if you smoked each cigarette as designed, you put that cigarette to your mouth and inhaled about 20 times. That’s 400 of the same activity every day.  Then consider when and where you smoked. After waking, with a cup of coffee, after a meal, with friends during work, while relaxing after work, and before bed. That’s a lot of activity related to smoking ..and that has become your HABIT.

Health for Heroes utilizes the proven combination of Acupoint stimulation to reduce cravings and detoxify the body and mind + powerful neurotransmitter supplementation to supply your brain with the chemistry it needs to feel balanced without unhealthy or unwanted side effects + effective and easy changes in your habitual activities to enhance your health and sense of self.

Its easier than you think….with the right method and motivation you can Stop Smoking Now and Forever!

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