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Veteran’s Choice Program

Celebrating the Veteran’s Choice Program


“We should all remember that we can be against war and yet wholeheartedly  for our veterans!” – Evan Shepherd Reiff, MS, LAc

In a totally revolutionary move, the Veterans Administration has implemented a truly wonderful program called “Veteran’s Choice.” Through this amazing program, people with VA benefits qualify to receive the highest quality, premium, full-spectrum natural health care to get help for pain, PTSD, as well as a wide range of other health issues.

Taking this opportunity to honor all the veterans, both alive and remembered, who sacrificed to protect and serve our country. We should all remember that we can be against war and yet wholeheartedly  for our veterans.

You owe it to you yourself and to those around you to take advantage of the Premium Level Natural Health Care that is now available to all veterans with VA benefits! Visit us at our clinic.

For the first time in the history of the U.S. armed forces, our service men and women, and veterans can receive the kind of health care they deserve – health care that can truly help them to break free of pharmaceutical drugs, pain and trauma than have kept many captive for years and decades. We have the technology, we have the methods, we have the skill, all here and available for you now! We are here for you now!

To find out how more about the highest level, Premium Natural Health Care and what that would look like for you, visit us at our clinic.

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I am proud to be a Veteran’s Choice Health Care Provider. It’s my honor to serve the men and women who served our country. If you are in the greater SF Bay area contact us TODAY to find out how you can get the care you deserve!

– Evan Shepherd Reiff, MS, LAc

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