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Pain vs Suffering

Many of us have been in physical pain or emotional discomfort for so long that we’ve forgotten what being healthy actually feels like.  The nagging shoulder injury that won’t heal.  The painful menstrual cycle.  The inescapable dread of anxiety.   The exhausting struggle with chronic disease. This is pain.

It is our mind that dictates whether or not we are suffering with the key factor being attachment or aversion to the situation. No attachment…not aversion….no suffering. This makes suffering optional to our experience of pain.

So, why suffer? Because our minds are entrained to compare and judge. We are reluctant to see things as they are …to let them be. We think that no attachment-no aversion means that we take whatever comes, and to a certain extent that is true. The difference is that while we accept “what is” we can also prepare for “what is to come”. This is not an apathetic or fatalistic view of life….just one of non-judgement.

And, true happiness instead of suffering.


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