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Officer O’Dell Didn’t Have to Die in the Line of Duty

Police Magazine-January 29 2015

Officer Roger O’Dell of the Town Creek (Ala.) Police Department died Wednesday morning while on a call.

He had just picked up two juvenile detention facility escapees at an apartment complex, and was on his way back into the apartment when he collapsed.

One of the juveniles was able to get from the back of the cruiser to the police radio to call dispatch for help.  Unfortunately, it was too late.  O’Dell died instantly from a heart attack, reports WHN TV.

As you know, our  first responders feel that it is THEIR JOB to help others and then neglect taking care of themselves. In doing so, they increase the risk of stress related disorders, disease, mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and an early death.

If only Officer O’Dell had regular screenings of Blood Pressure, Adrenal (stress hormone) Cortisol, and Cholesterol he may not have had this heart attack. Good health is key including diet, exercise, and stress reduction. When flying, the instructions are to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others….not as a “me first”, but to be able to help others more.

My sympathy goes out to Officer O’Dell’s family.

Lets not let his death be for nothing. Take good care of yourself. We need you alive and at your best!

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