HEALTH FOR HEROES     Strengthening Each Link In The Chain



The Hero’s Challenge

Our first responders, which includes our military personnel, law enforcement officers, emergency medical personnel, fire fighters and disaster relief workers, are often exposed to more stress and trauma in a single day than most people will experience in an entire lifetime. Witnessing violence, disaster and casualties often renders these courageous men and women especially vulnerable to developing trauma-related pain, mental health issues, as well as addiction and substance abuse disorders. Prolonged exposure to acute stress often makes continued service and civilian life challenging.

“We’ve Got Your Back”

In the chain of first responders, the weakest link is the one least able to perform as an individual within the team, least able to respond to the demand of the task at hand, or least able to recover for the next disaster. Pain, trauma, stress, and dependence on self-medication present serious conditions of weakness for a first responder. In ancient times, when a battle became particularly challenging, each man fought with his back against a comrade, covering his blind side and being covered also. The term, “I’ve got your back” dates back to this method of combat. Health for Heroes™  helps first responders resolve their challenges so they can perform effectively time and time again.

Health for Heroes™ Helps You be a Strong Link in the Chain

We offer the highest level, Premium Natural Health Care available to help our heroes maintain or regain the balance and strength of body, mind and heart that is necessary to live a healthy, happy life, and to also fulfill the responsibilities of their roles in life. For the benefit of all, we have dedicated ourselves to your health and healing.

This is our purpose. This is our goal.




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