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We are all dependent on food, water, air, and our relationships with others. We can also become dependent on medications, supplements and drugs for medical and psychological conditions. Without them, our symptoms are unmanageable; if we over-use or abuse them, then our daily lives can become unmanageable.

When use of medication for pain is concerned, the difference between a patient dependent on opioids for chronic pain and a patient with opioid addiction is simple: the opioid-dependent patient with chronic pain has improved function with his use of the drugs while the patient with opioid addiction does not.

At Health for Heroes , we use the term “dependence” rather than “addiction” because we want to remove the stigma attached to medication and drug use. We understand that there is an interrelationship between the use of prescription drugs or self-prescribed drugs (including tobacco and alcohol) and how one feels, lives, and performs in the world.

For example, smoking tobacco is one way that one might self-medicate. Nicotine binds to dopamine receptors that allow more dopamine to be released in the brain. (Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers and regulates movement and emotional responses.) Yet, with the dopamine response comes the toxic effect  of the nicotine and other noxious chemicals such as well as radium, arsenic, and carbon monoxide.Tobacco smoke robs the smoker of natural vigor, proper blood circulation and lung capacity, essential vitamins and minerals, and makes one vulnerable to a long list of secondary health problems.

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Paintrauma, and stress can provide strong conditions for dependency, and a cunning, baffling, and debilitating situation. Dependence behaviors can be treated and managed, however, through biochemical balancing with acupuncturemindfulness, and orthomolecular medicine.  It is absolutely possible for people to successfully reclaim their lives, their self-respect and the respect of their families, colleagues, and communities.

“Evan Shepherd Reiff, L.Ac. is a practitioner with  extensive experience working with people in need as evidenced by the depth of his compassion as well as his NADA Acupuncture skills shown at Homeward Bound, Inc., a dual-diagnosis detoxification, crisis stabilization and treatment facility. His work in our men’s, women’s, and HIV-AIDS units was exemplary.  I strongly recommend Evan for this work as a private Licensed Acupuncturist or at a treatment facility implementing the acu-detox protocol for detoxification, trauma, and recovery from addictions.”

—Dr. Susana E. Méndez, L.Ac, LCDC, Ma.OM, Dipl.OM, CAS, ABMPP, Assistant Executive Director, Homeward Bound Inc., National & International trainer for NADA

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