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About Evan Shepherd Reiff, MS, LAc

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As a primary care practitioner and specialist in Oriental Medicine, Evan Shepherd Reiff, MS, LAc has dedicated his professional life to providing effective relief for conditions involving pain, trauma, stress and dependency. In his private Sausalito, California clinic and out in the field he specializes in the treatment of first responders of all types, medical personnel and veterans. In his clinical practice, he often works closely with other doctors, psychologists, osteopathic physicians and other healthcare practitioners to render the highest possible results for each individual patient. He often successfully reduces or eliminates the patients’ need for prescriptions drugs, or is able to mitigate many of their undesirable side effects.

Evan has practiced mediation and mindfulness for over twenty-five years, and maintains close relationships with some of the most experienced Eastern masters in this field. He brings this unique wisdom and experience in understanding the mind to his clinical practice.

Outside of the clinic, Evan has provided a wide variety of health care services and mindfulness training veterans, first responders, deputies and jail staff.  He was a staff practitioner at the Bay Area Veteran’s Acupuncture Clinic (BAYVAC) in San Francisco. During the 2009 Summit Fire in California, he was present to provide therapeutic care for stress reduction, recuperation and revitalization to firefighters at base camp. Outside of the Untied States, Evan has provided trauma care in Nepal to orphans, monastic refugees from Tibet and women rescued from the sex trade in India.

Active in education as well as treatment, Evan is present in the field and the conference room. You may have seen him providing treatments and mindfulness training the John F. Kennedy University conference, “Front Line to Home Front: Promoting Recovery from PTSD & TBI” , Foundations Recovery Network’s “Freedom and Recovery”, the California Peer Support Association, The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, at Homeless Veterans Stand Downs, the Veterans Home of California-Yountville, in addition to numerous other conferences. He was also featured in a segment of “Warrior Connection” on the Progressive Radio Network.

Sessions are available at the Health for Heroes™ Sausalito clinic, at your work location, or via SKYPE or telephone. In some cases, home visits can be arranged. Our goal is to serve you where and when you need us.




Kind words about Evan’s work:

“ Although I have had substantial experience with various interdisciplinary approaches to treatment over the past decade, I have never before had the opportunity to consult with a practitioner who possessed such a profound ability to work effectively with particularly complex cases and entrenched patterns. Evan’s work allows for a reduction of somatic symptoms without side effects, and facilitates fluidity in the expression of the emotions that allows for an enhanced psychotherapeutic process.  I am deeply impressed by the quality of treatment that my patients are reporting, and often amazed by the results.”   

E. O’Shaughnessy, MA, MFT



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